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Life is what you make it!!!”

— Kantrina Linam

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Our story begins in Montgomery, AL on August 1, 1985 Kantrina Linam was born. In time the world would come to know her as LBean. She is the triple threat Producer/Writer/Artist Lbean career began as a freelance Lighting Designer where she traveled all over the US and Internationally on tour to various stages in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, London, Amsterdam, and many more. As a producer and songwriter, she collaborated with a numerous amount of artist. Now she is Owner and CEO of LBean Inc has a BA in Theatre Arts with focus in Acting and Performance, MFA in Fine Arts with focus in Lighting Design, Toured with Ringling Bro and Barnum and Bailey Circus, Lighting Designer for a host of Major Concerts and Corporation Trade Shows. We asked,"what makes LBean different?" She responded "It's my ability to explore openly with music. I never set limits or rules when creating art. Sometimes I like to use the Beethoven approach and defy music theory when playing chords. In terms of content and subject matter, I try to be the voice of the people. I like to say what people are always thinking but would not voice verbally. I like to bring a high level of focus and energy into all projects." Lbean is currently residing in Orlando, FL We asked LBean "When did you realize that this is what you wanted to do?" she answered "I’ve always had a passion for music since my youth. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I decided to leave corporate America to pursue music as my full time career. At that point is when I realize that I will make this my business and become all in about being a professional entertainer." We asked what are your plans about the future?" she quickly replied "The plans for the future are solid. I’m heavy on strategic planning and practice. Following the release of an instrumental EP of original EDM productions called “Strobelight-EDM EP”, will be a slew of fun singles like "Medical" and "Shots Fired". It is a collection of new innovative experimental projects from a producers view. I’ve also been working with a group of talented individuals in which I look forward to their project release within the upcoming year." Our Focus at LBean Inc is that we ensure you with a Quality Marketable Project that you may use as a Tool to advance your career…

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